How to Keep Teenage English Learners Motivated

How to Keep Teenage English Learners Motivated

Adolescents or teenagers are said to be the most challenging group of students to teach, especially if you are to teach them a foreign language like English. To be an effective English teacher in Birmy Education Group Reviews in China, you need to give your teenage students enough motivation to learn.

You can boost your students’ motivation by offering them meaningful lessons and an engaging learning environment. In short, unsupportive, chaotic, and meaningless classes would only destroy their inner drive to learn the language.

Below you will find some helpful tips for motivating your teenage English learners:

1. Give clear expectations and rules right from the start

It is wrong to assume that your students at Birmy English School are naturally motivated. You also cannot assume that they will do their best to meet your expectations just because you are their teacher. The moment you meet your class in the beginning of the school term, you should be able to set clear rules and expectations from them.

2. Create a supportive and pleasant atmosphere in class

One thing that usually discourages learning among young adults is the way a teacher treats mistakes committed by students when it comes to vocabulary, syntax, or pronunciation. You have to understand that teenagers tend to be very sensitive when being corrected. They don’t like being humiliated and embarrassed in front of their peers. When they feel this way, they might feel hesitant to open up, and may not speak in class anymore. Thus, as a teacher, you have to be careful in correcting your students so that they will remain motivated to learn the language.

3. Know your students’ individual needs and goals

Each of your students at Birmy English has their own needs and goals, which you need to be aware of also. Once you identify their goals, needs, and reasons for learning English, it will be easier for you to identify which skills your students are most interested in developing. This will enable you also to tailor your lessons to accommodate their needs.

4. Utilize unique materials to provide meaningful lessons

In order for your teenage students to stay inspired, you have to encourage them to actively participate in the lesson. And for you to get their attention, you need the help of various unique and interesting materials. You may use videos, songs, films, and even websites to enhance their learning.


If your target group when you teach at Birmy English School in China is the teenage group, keep in mind that the key to effectively teaching them is to keep them motivated. Thus, do not be afraid to try various teaching styles and techniques so that you may eventually find the ones that work best for your teenage learners.