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How to Learn Mandarin While Teaching at Birmy English School

Teaching at Birmy International English School can benefit you in many different ways. It is an excellent opportunity to enhance your teaching career, and it also gives you an opportunity to discover and explore a country as beautiful as China. But there is another advantage of working in China that many people are not aware of, and that is to be able to learn a very important language – Mandarin.

China is becoming a major player in the global economy, which is why many experts believe that it won’t take long before the Chinese language becomes another important language in international commerce. When you teach ESL at Birmy English School in China, you will get a chance to learn their language.

Here are some tips on how you can develop your Chinese language skills while teaching English in China:

#1 – Have one-on-one classes with a Mandarin teacher.

The fastest way you can learn and improve your Mandarin is to take one-on-one classes with a Mandarin teacher. By having a Chinese teacher by your side, you will be guided properly, and you will also be able to measure your own improvement as well. What you’ll like about having a Chinese teacher also is that he or she will have a curriculum for you. That way, your learning will be step by step, and you won’t have to guess whether or not what you’re learning is correct.

#2 – Learn the language as you teach English.

At Birmy English, it’s totally possible for you to learn Mandarin while teaching English at the same time. As you plan your class, for instance, you may look up some basic Mandarin words and phrases, which you can use in daily life. Your students will also enjoy teaching you their language, and they will be able to practice their English in the process also.

#3 – Do a self-study.

If you’re someone who’s motivated, organized, and studious, then you’re likely to succeed in learning Mandarin on your own. What’s good about this is that you won’t have to spend for classes or a private tutor. There are numerous resources online where you can get learning materials, which you can get for free. As an English teacher, you have an idea about how a person can learn a new language fast, so you might as well use the same techniques for yourself.


Learning a language as complicated as Mandarin won’t be easy, of course, but if you are determined to learn it, there is no reason you won’t be able to do it. You will read in most Birmy School review that there are lots of foreign teachers in China who are also taking advantage of being in China to learn Mandarin.