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How to Live Comfortably While Working at Birmy International English School in China

More and more foreign teachers are applying for teaching jobs in China, particularly at Birmy International English School mainly because this country has so much to offer those who are looking to enhance their career and their personal lives as well. China is a huge and enormously diverse country. Thus, you would want to know what the best place in China is for teaching English.

What do you need to look for in a location?

Where you will teach in China pretty much depends on the kind of experience you want to have during your stay in this country. If you want to live like a local, for example, a smaller town is ideal. Living in a smaller town comes with a lot of opportunities to know Chinese culture deeper, and even to learn the language. On the other hand, if you want comfort and a lot of amenities, you’d be better off settling in a bigger city like Beijing, Hong Kong, or Shanghai.

What can you actually expect from China?

China is different from many other countries in a positive way. There are lots of spectacular architecture to see, different landscapes, and a very rich history. Chinese people are also very friendly, they are honest, and they are easy to get along with. But of course, there are a couple of things you’ll see that may surprise you. Nevertheless, China is a very interesting country and you’ll likely not run out of things to do and places to visit there.

What should you bring with you in China?

This is one of the topics frequently discussed in Birmy education group reviews. Those who are going to China for the first time usually have no idea about what they need to have when they go there. Well, you have to understand that you can purchase almost anything and everything in China. What you’ll want to bring are some comfort foods that you might not find there, such as some American snacks.

What type of accommodation can you have?

This is another thing that most ESL teachers are concerned about when going to China. Again, by reading Birmy education reviews online you will get an idea about the kinds of accommodation to choose from. It is advised that you ask your employer directly about this matter to make sure this won’t be a problem when you arrive in China. At Birmy International English school, they are the ones who arrange for their employees’ accommodation, and they make sure their ESL teachers have a comfortable place to stay in China.

When you apply for a job at Birmy International English School, you won’t have to worry about many things because they are committed to giving their teachers the best experience working in China.