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How to Obtain a Z Visa to Work at Birmy English School in China

If you seriously want to get a teaching job overseas, Birmy English School in China is an excellent destination. With an adventurous spirit and the right qualifications, it shouldn’t be that difficult for you to qualify for an ESL teaching job. But we shouldn’t forget to mention also that for you to be able to work legally in China, you need a Z visa.

How to Arrange for a Z Visa

Once you have successfully applied for a teaching job in an educational institution in China like Birmy International English School, the next step is to obtain the Z visa. What happens first is that the school you applied for will issue a formal letter of invitation, which is referred to as the Official Invitation Notice, plus a foreign expert work certificate. Different provinces in China may have different policies on this, but in general, teachers must have a local physical exam record before they can be given a foreign expert work certificate.

Once you have received the letter of invitation along with your work certificate, you can now apply for the visa. You may download the application from any online visa service websites. Carefully fill up the form, prepare all the required documents, and make sure that your passport has at least 6 months of validity prior to the expiry date.

Take the form to the nearest Chinese embassy. In case the embassy isn’t located close to your home, you may get some help of visa service to bring your form to the Chinese embassy. Of course you will have to pay to get this service. Barring any problems in the process, it can be completed within just a week.

The Z visa is valid for up to 90 days. As you arrive in China, the legal validity period of the Z visa is 1 month. You then need to take the physical examination from an authorized doctor. When the physical exam is completed, you will be given a certificate which you need to present to your employer.

Working in China without a Z Visa

When you read articles on the Internet, you may be surprised to know that many foreign teachers are able to teach in China even without a Z visa. Well, there are actually a lot of them who skip this requirement and choose to work illegally in China, but we don’t recommend that you do the same. Working without this visa will not only put you in danger of being caught by the authorities, but it will also deprive you of certain benefits for foreign teachers. Even when you read Birmy education group reviews online, former and present ESL teachers in China advise interested individuals to get the Z visa to have the best teaching experience in China.