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Improving Your English Skills With Birmy English

We all know that proficiency in the English language can bring you to places.  It is one of the requirements in order to be considered as globally competitive. That is why even the Chinese try their hardest to learn it even though some would find it to be very challenging. The difficulty comes from understanding or having the grasp of the English language because it is different from their dialect. You have to learn the tone, accent, stress, enunciation and proper pronunciation of words. However, anyone can be successful if you just follow the basic tips and be aware of the most common difficulties for Chinese students when learning English. The Birmy International English School have prepared these tips just for you.

Learning English the Birmy English Way

You need to have basic communications at hand first. If ever your student speaks a little English or nothing at all, you need to teach this person basic class procedures and instructions. Likewise, it is necessary for you to help the students express their wants and needs to you. If the student wants to drink water, you need to teach him what to say. If the student wants to go to the comfort room to attend to his needs, then you need to teach him the appropriate manner of asking permission as well. These are daily needs that students usually say that could also be a good training ground for learning English the Birmy English way. Also, if the students are categorized on an upper elementary level or higher and are able to read Mandarin Chinese fluently, bilingual communications sentence sheets can be used. These sheets are one way to get started.

Try to have a more fun kind of learning through the use of Flash Cards. According to Birmy English School, we must always remember that some students learn in a more visual manner. That is why Picture Flash Cards are effective for teaching simple English vocabulary to Chinese students. Trying to review them each day would allow them to have that image embedded in their minds. Picture flash cards are freely available at department stores, toy stores and dollar stores at a low cost. You just have to choose the more picturesque one to have an effective lesson. Aside from using flash cards, Chinese students can profit learning from classroom labels which should be placed on all classroom objects.

Lastly, you can try with the use of Picture Dictionaries. Fill up your classroom with a variety of picture dictionaries ranging from basic to advance. It is also wise to have bilingual, Chinese – English dictionaries on hand for advanced students. Encouraging them to opt for online English learning could be beneficial as well, like for example, with a Birmy School review.

The options are endless. Teach students the basic English way of saying things, and be creative as much as possible!

Birmy International English School is a well-acclaimed institution of learning for Chinese students who want to be globally competitive with the English language. With a large network of competitive teaching strategies and lesson plans, it delivers an excellent English education to its students.