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Interesting Things You Can See Only in China

Visitors in China are well aware that their visit in this great country will not be complete without a trek up the Great Wall and a stroll along the Bund in Shanghai. While these are two of the most popular places to do in China, there are many other things foreigners should actually see in China. If you were to go to China to teach English at Birmy International English, for instance, there are plenty of unusual things you will observe around you that you can find only in China. They are the following:


People wear pajamas in public


In many other countries, pajamas are supposed to be worn only in the bedroom or inside the home, and not in public. But in China, people don’t mind socializing or running errands in pajamas. If you go around the park or in a grocery store even, don’t be shocked to see folks dressed in their most comfortable clothes.


Kebab vendors are everywhere


Kebab originated from the province of Xinjiang in Western China, but today, you can find one in almost all cities in eastern China. Kebab is a very popular street food that you will find in every corner of the streets and sidewalks. The most popular kind is the lamb kebab, but there are many other choices, like squid and mushrooms. Kebabs are a great daytime snacks, which many teachers at Birmy enjoy eating before they go to Birmy School Reviews to hold classes.


Grandparents pick up kids from school


Almost all households in China consist of just one child, and you will notice that both parents are usually working. Thus, childcare responsibilities are naturally passed on to the grandparents. During school days, you will see grandmas and grandpas gathering outside of elementary schools waiting for their grandchildren to go out of their classrooms. At Birmy International English school, young learners are also mostly accompanied by either their grandmother or grandfather.


Public dancing


For Chinese people, public dancing is not only a hobby, but also an excellent way to socialize and a great form of exercise as well. Go to a park and you will be amazed by how many groups of people actually gather to dance to upbeat music from the radio. What’s even more impressive is that they don’t dance ‘freestyle’. They are synchronized in movements and every dance step they make


Subway markets


If you love bargain shopping, you will surely love it in China! There are so many subway markets that sell counterfeit goods, which are really cheap.

Needless to say, China is one of the most interesting places to explore. You definitely have more than one reasons to come to this amazing country. Know what opportunities are waiting for you by having a Birmy School review and consider teaching English in China.