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Is Being TEFL Certified a Requirement for Teaching at Birmy English School

As you search the Internet for ESL teaching opportunities in China, you will find that most institutions like Birmy International English School require applicants to have a TEFL certificate. This is, of course, just one of the several requirements you will have to satisfy in order to qualify for an ESL teaching job. In this post, we will focus on the importance of being TEFL certified in China.

What Is TEFL?

There are several types of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate that foreign teachers can apply for. There are month long intensive courses which may cost around 2000 USD. Such courses will provide you enough training on how to teach in class, and you will learn a lot about classroom management, various teaching methodology, grammar studies, and so on.

There are other shorter TEFL courses, particularly online. These online TEFL courses will have you complete coursework online, and your projects will be assessed and graded by an online tutor. These TEFL courses are typically 40 hours only, but there are courses that last for 100 hours.

Can One Teach ESL in China without TEFL?

Provided that you have good references and you have at least a year of experience teaching English as a foreign language, it is less likely for schools to be concerned about whether or not you are TEFL certified. As a matter of fact, most schools tend to prefer a candidate with experience even without a certificate over someone who has a TEFL certificate but no teaching experience.

In Birmy English School, part of their requirements is for a candidate to have a TEFL certificate, but without one, an applicant may still be considered for the job if he or she has classroom time. The school is also willing to pay for their qualified teachers who wish to get a certification.

If you are planning to work as an ESL teacher abroad, particularly in China, and you have no teaching experience at all, the best thing to do is complete a TEFL course of at least 150 hours. You will need this not only to have a work visa, but also to be qualified to have a better salary package. Being certified will also give you more career opportunities, and it will enable you to transfer to another school if you need or want to.

To know more about the requirements for candidates applying for teaching jobs in China, check out Birmy English International School. Birmy is one of the premier English schools in China that attracts thousands of ESL teachers from various countries in the world. By contacting Birmy, you will have a better idea of what you should prepare as you begin applying for an ESL job in China.