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Learning English Language the Birmy English Style

With China’s economy getting higher than ever as well as the internationalization of its society, a lot of Chinese students seek out better ways to master English as a language. These students have enrolled themselves to different universities and graduate schools to further their education and enhance their skills. These Chinese English language learners seek high-intermediate and highly developed learning ideas with very strong vocabulary, writing skills and grammar. They are very much aware of the importance of knowing the English language since it could make them more globally competitive. One of the schools they have enrolled in is Birmy International English School.

However, despite these Chinese students’ strengths on the English language, some of them still couldn’t be up to par to native English speakers. They have to know how to communicate clearly and be understood by the people that they are talking to. As a basic rule, even though you have a good facility in language, it is still important that you can be fully understood by the people you are communicating with. Hence, Birmy School review made these following advices in order to help Chinese English language learners enhance their ability to speak and interact in English in a natural manner as much as possible. Always bear these things in mind because they are crucial to learning. You get to learn this Birmy English style of teaching.

Tips on Speaking English

First and foremost you have to speak the English language like music. You have to speak it as if you are just singing. The biggest problem Chinese English language learners face is speaking English with their accent. Sometimes it would take a while before you get to erase your tone from your native dialect. You have to take into consideration that every language has its own music. Chinese languages like Mandarin, Cantonese or native Chinese have different tones varying from each other. Hence, no matter how well versed you are with the English dictionary, if you have a “Chinese” accent still embedded while you are speaking, then you are not fully considered as an English speaker.

Also, Birmy English School emphasizes that a Chinese English language learner should learn how to have a perfect grammar and enrich himself or herself a refined vocabulary. This is important to further push yourself on learning the wider scope of the English language.

You need to be acquainted that the musical pattern of Chinese is very different than English. There are no immense variations in syllable and word stress. You just have to utter the words and the emphasis longer, louder and on a higher pitch. It would be great to take these things by heart and mind and have Birmy School review as a reference for your English learning skills.

These are just some of the major strategies implemented by Birmy International English School to help jump start a student’s learning capability. While there are other strategies involved, mastery of the things mentioned above are just some things Birmy School is implementing to its curriculum.