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Looking for the Best Teaching Job in China? Go to Birmy English School

It is a known fact that many English teachers go to China with little to no real teaching experience. And yet, they have been successful in having a teaching career in this amazing country. Well, many schools (both public and private) and international language academies like Birmy International English School hire and train foreign teachers to become effective teachers of English as a second language. This is good news for those who have little experience in teaching, just like me.

I am a 35 year old American, and I have been teaching at Birmy English School in Taizhou for two and a half years already. When I first heard of the many job opportunities in Asia for English speakers, I instantly got very curious, and so I did my own research on it. I learned that indeed, several Asian countries are in need of more English speakers in their country. I was not supposed to go to China that time, but a close friend of my wife’s told us about how amazing it was to live and work in China. She was not an English teacher, by the way, but she had known that there was a huge demand for English teacher in almost all cities in China.

My wife and I then gave it a serious consideration, and I eventually decided to apply for a teaching job at one of the most reputable schools in China – Birmy English School. So what made me choose this school over the many other English schools in China?

The first thing I did was check the internet for the best English schools in China. Birmy English school was among the first ones to appear on the search results. The moment I checked Birmy’s website, I must admit that I was instantly impressed. I found all the information I needed, particularly from a Birmy School review I found online.

Being a first-timer, I had no expectations at all when I arrived in China. I was happy that a Birmy School staff came to fetch me. I was then given a brief orientation regarding my employment, specifically my contract and my visa. The management was so welcoming, which made me so comfortable. I was thrilled also that they provided me with free accommodation in an apartment just two blocks away from the school.

Since I had little teaching experience back home, I was also very anxious as to how I was going to be a teacher to Chinese students. Again, with the help of Birmy School management, I was given a short training on how to teach Chinese students, which helped develop a teaching style that would work for my students.

I am still employed at Birmy International English school now and have no plans of leaving yet. If you are looking for a stable teaching job in China, there is no doubt that you should be at Birmy.