Halloween Party [Birmy Wenling Center]

On Saturday, October 29th at 7- 9 pm Birmy held a successful Halloween party for our teenage students. We were expecting 45 students to our great joy and pleasuremore than 50 students attended. What an electrifying and magical atmosphere indeed! We held this Halloween Party to improve our students’ environmental awareness and their manipulative ability. So we are aimed at turning “waste” into wealth through the Halloween Cosplay DIY by the students. Our venue was at Birmy in the club area. We divided our students into several groups and then designed a series of games for them. They could gain different clothes-making tools according to their scores. We played several gamesnamely :- “you act I guess”, “blindfold to feed sugar” and “blow ping-pong ball. In the process, every student was active, they were enthusiastic and creative which showed at the end of the games session. Finally, every group successfully finished their own Halloween Cosplay DIY.

The evening finale was our little models’ fashion show which made for a well organized 2 hours by our staff at Birmy who deservedly earned the cheers from our little guests.

Halloween Party [Birmy Houjiatang Center]

The nightmare before Christmas”2016 Birmy Halloween Party was held at Houjiatang Center on Oct 22nd, 2016, with more than 70 students taken part in the activities. It was an endless dark night, Jack—the Pumpkin King from Halloween Town, had a big plan—he wanted to kidnap Santa Clause. He tried to make Christmas into Halloween. In order to save Santa Clause, the kids had to accomplish the mission on time. In the end, 3 groups of participants fulfilled the tasks and won the game. That night, teachers and students dressed themselves in brilliant costumes and 4 students won the best costume prizes. This was a Halloween Party which was full of candies and fun.

Halloween Carnival [Birmy Yuhuan Center]

For kids all over the world, Halloween is one night they look forward to in a year. It’s a night for kids to gather around with their friends and have fun with the “trick or treat” all night. As for the children in Birmy, this Halloween is sure to be one of their most memorable nights in childhood.

On October 29th, 2016, the Birmy Halloween Carnival took place at Yuhuan Center and was a great hit among all the students. Games were played, laughter was spread. Children got home with treats and presents in their hands and pleasure on their faces.

The games included the intelligence one, the agility one and so on. Children got to count the number of bills while answering disturbing questions, doing yoga gestures as shown in instructions, crossed fire lines without cracking any noises from the bells. Apart from those, there were also games that required team work with friends such as guessing what your friend was drawing, testing the tacit cooperation of two, and playing catch balls with special poses.

Halloween Party [Birmy Jiaojiang Center]

Birmy’s Halloween party Candy Crush for teenagers was held on Oct.29th. For enhancing the students’ interest to English, we prepared 12 games about candy for them to enjoy. They could get some candies by playing the games. As for the students, they were really passionate and dressed up as many classical roles, such as witch, pirate, vampire, horrible doctors and so on. Here are some pictures.

The girls coming from the animations showed their beauty and understanding of Halloween by dressing up elaborately.

Halloween Party [Birmy Jiasheng Center]

A new round of Halloween Party has struck Jiasheng Centre, Birmy.

All children here had a great time this evening, most of which come for their first Halloween Party in life.

Now let’s have a look what’s going on here.

Halloween Party [Birmy Sifangping Center]

The 2016 Halloween Party drew to a successful close with everyone feeling joyous and happy. Staged a good show full of magic, Storm Shadow, Batman, Snow White and the Black Knight, etc. Trick or treat, let’s enjoy the magic mystery tour.

All the kids with a great passion for this Halloween Party in spite of the weather is cold a lot. Everyone dressed up for this party.

Halloween Party in Birmy Education SGY Center

As the night falls on Oct. 22nd, 2016, the spooky time begins. The Halloween Party of SGY center of Birmy International English School officially starts at six thirteen. All the departments has been prepared and waited for a long time. The theme of this party is “Trick or Treat? Who knows?”. It aims to make participants have the most fun of Halloween and take the veil of Halloween down which is totally different from our Chinese traditional Ghost Festival. Besides the students of our school, we also invited their friends and classmates to celebrate it together. They have to win all the games. What they have got from the games is not only the fun, but also the spirit of never give up.