Questions to Ask Someone Who Has Been an English Teacher in China

Many people say that becoming an English teacher in China is one of the easiest ways to see the world, and also one of the most rewarding experiences one can have. After spending almost two years teaching at Birmy education reviews  School in China, I must say that it is one of the best decisions I made in my life.

If you have been considering going to China to teach English, but you’ve got a lot of worries in mind, let me try to help you decide by answering some of the questions you may have in your head.

Did I need a university degree to teach English in China?

This is a very common question among those who are interested in becoming an English teacher in China. While it is common knowledge that a university degree is a requirement for a teaching job in China, the truth is that you may teach English in this country even without a university degree. In my case, I have a college degree, so I didn’t have a hard time passing the Birmy School review. Nevertheless, I met a couple of foreign teachers in other schools who were undergraduates.


There are various certifications one should have in order to be eligible to teach English in China. All those three certificates are basically the same – they give an aspiring teacher the proper credentials to teach English as a second language.

I got my TESOL certificate after I arrived in China. The Birmy head office was generous enough to assist me in processing my certificate, so it didn’t take long before I got mine and I became qualified to teach at Birmy School.

How did I find my teaching job in China?

I have a friend who spent many years living in China because he was so in love with this country and its people. He wasn’t an English teacher, but he learned about the great opportunities in China for those who love to teach. He contacted me and told me about a very reputable school in China, Birmy International English school. I wasted no time and sent in my application to immediately go to China and begin a new phase in my teaching career.

Will I ever return to China to teach again?

Of course I would! I left China just a couple of months back because there were some family matters I needed to attend to. Even before I came home, I made a commitment to the Birmy head office that I would be back soon, and thankfully, they were happy to hear about my intentions and said that they were looking forward to the day I would return.