Simple Yet Effective Strategies for Teaching English as a Second Language

DSC_4035_调整大小Teaching students with very limited understanding of the English language can be an overwhelming task. Students in China, for instance, speak a very different language in their country, so many of them are not even capable of speaking simple words or phrases in English. This is a huge challenge for ESL teachers in Birmy education group reviews . Nevertheless, it is the job of English teachers to find ways to help their students become more familiar and proficient in the language.

If you are to pursue a career in teaching English as a second language, you will find these strategies very helpful:

Understand the individual needs of your students

At Birmy English School, for instance, the English academic experience and language proficiency among students vary greatly. As such, it is vital for teachers to have an understanding of each student’s educational history and language proficiency.

To make sure their lessons are comprehensible to all students, teachers should replace difficult texts with simpler ones. However, they should refrain from using oversimplified terms because this may insult some students, too. An effective English teacher has the ability to keep the balance between what is basic and what is too easy.

Students need to know what is going on in class

There are students who don’t know much English vocabulary in order to understand even simple instructions from their teachers. Thus, they are often confused and left out in class. Teachers need to encourage their students to express themselves and ask for clarification in case they don’t understand something.

During the class, and ESL teacher has to emphasize the important parts of the lesson, and they should give students enough time to ask questions or clarifications. Students should also be asked to write down everything they learned during the class, and which parts of the lesson they are not sure of. Teachers should then address these in the beginning of the next lesson.

Teachers should enable students to speak English more clearly

ESL teachers should speak in a clear manner, and they need to repeat words that are hard to pronounce. To help their students identify different sounds and pronunciations, teachers may need to show the right movements and positions of the lips and tongue when speaking English words. They should also encourage students to speak slowly so their pronunciation will be more accurate.

Teachers should encourage students to speak English outside class

Conversing more frequently in English is necessary in learning the language faster. That’s why in Birmy English, students are given a variety of activities outside the class wherein they can engage in English conversations. These activities are fun and interesting so that students will be enthusiastic in participating. Teachers at Birmy also urge their students to read and speak English at home.