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Skype Interview Tips When Applying for a Teaching Job at Birmy English School

It is common for many ESL schools in China like Birmy English School to ask candidates or job applicants to conduct a demonstration or ‘demo’ lesson as part of the job interview process. In most cases, this is done following a successful initial interview. Potential employers may ask you for a live demo via Skype, but some may only ask for a recorded demo lesson to be emailed to the school.

There’s no doubt that this is going to be a huge challenge for you, but it isn’t something you should fear. In fact, you should be thrilled to have this opportunity to show off what you’ve got. This is your chance to let the employer see that you are the best person for the job. You should understand also that employers like Birmy International English School are not only looking for teachers with perfect skills, but they also want teachers who are warm and friendly.

When giving a demo lesson, don’t forget to take into consideration for whom the lesson is intended. Consider the intended topic, the learner’s English level, as well as the duration of the lesson. Most schools will offer limited guidance to their applicants in terms of the scope of the demo lesson.

Below are the things you should consider:

  • You would want to know the level of the students your demo is targeted at. Make sure your demo lesson is appropriate for the level of your students.
  • Choose a topic to tackle in your demo lesson. Most schools may be vague in this thing, so it’s recommended that you teach something you are passionate about.
  • In terms of the duration of your demo lesson, you want to keep it short but interesting. You should be able to show your personality and professionalism during a short period of time.

How to Prepare for Your Demo

  1. Practice your demo lesson. Whether you’re recording your lesson or performing a live demo, make sure you rehearse your demo a couple of times in front of someone, a friend or a family member. Take note of your facial expressions and ask for feedback.
  2. Do trial shoots with your camera. Make sure your video quality is good. Also, check if your microphone is picking up everything you’re saying, or perhaps you need to go somewhere quieter.
  3. Be confident. It’s important that you make and maintain eye contact with the camera while doing your demo. Be confident and wear a smile. Also, avoid making nervous movements and hand gestures during your lesson.

You can get some more tips on how to have a successful demo lesson by reading a couple of Birmy education reviews by ESL teachers who have experienced doing demo lessons as part of their application process.