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Birmy English: Learning the 4 Vital Elements of the English Language

The Birmy School Review  always emphasize the four fundamental elements of English language that one should learn about. These four are speaking, listening and writing. Each element has its own advantage when learned and these could be your key in order to have better communication skills and opportunities where linguistic advantages are concerned. This article […]


Birmy English School: How to Learn English the Easiest Way

If there is one language in the world that you need to learn, that would definitely be English. Having an expertise on this language particularly on speaking will enable you to be globally competitive in terms of personal use, travel or business. Any job could be attained through a proficiency in this language coupled by […]

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Birmy International English School: The Experience of Teaching English to Chinese Students

English is a language being utilized by people to communicate on a global level. However, for some countries in the world, knowing this language can propel one’s personal and professional advancement in terms of communicating and interacting on an international scale. Chinese citizens are just among the list of these countries seeking more improvement in […]

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Learning English Using the Birmy English Technique

When speaking in English, some Chinese people can’t be differed from a native English speaker themselves. This is a paid effort of their hard work and dedication in learning English. Yes, it might be a very bumpy road before reaching the point of proficiency in learning and speaking fluently but it is all worth it. […]