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Tips for Remembering the Names of Your Chinese Students in Birmy English School

When you come to China to teach English at Birmy International English School, you are definitely in for a lot of great experiences. But of course, this job does not come without challenges. The fact that you need to work and live in a different country is very challenging already. You need to adjust to a new environment and deal with people coming from a different culture and background. And if you’re someone who is always having a hard time remembering the names of your students, teaching Chinese students might make you feel more uncomfortable.

Knowing Your Students’ Names

Very few Birmy education reviews would tackle the topic of the importance of remembering students’ names. But if you are to teach abroad and you are given a list of students whose names you can hardly pronounce, you need to be ready.

Not all teachers bother memorizing all the names of their students. However, there are many good things that can happen when you do remember who your students are by name. Getting to know your students on this level can significantly help improve their behavior and attitude in class.

According to studies, students are more likely to feel interested in their teachers who make an effort to know them better personally. The simple act of knowing your students’ names show your students that you are interested in them as well.

If it has always been a challenge for you to remember the names of your students, here are some useful tips on how you can do that within just your first 4 lessons:

#1 – On your first day of class at Birmy English School, tell your students that you want to remember each of their names. You also want them to understand how difficult this task would be, so you will be needing their help. Also ask your students if you can take a group picture of them so you can memorize their names easily.

#2 – Once you have printed the picture of your class, bring it and when you check their attendance, have each of them point to themselves in the photo. You should then write the student’s name next to his or her face

#3 – Before you come to class, take a look at the photo and remember their names. It’s okay to make mistakes in the beginning, but you have to challenge yourself to know as many names as you can in the least amount of time.

#4 – Pay more attention to those students whose names you’re have the most difficulty remembering. It would help if you could say their names often during class.

To be a successful teacher at Birmy English School, you have to overcome a lot of challenges, and one of them is to remember your students’ Chinese names. Hopefully, the tips above can make it easier for you to do this.