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Tips for Teaching Chinese Teenagers at Birmy International English School

When hired as an ESL teacher at Birmy International English School in China, you should be ready to handle classes of different ages and levels of English ability. Although you may have some experience in handling children, teenagers, or adults in your home country, your experience may be different from what you will have when you teach Chinese students, particularly Chinese teenagers.

Teaching Teenagers in China

New teachers at Birmy International English are often surprised at the difference between teenagers in the West and Chinese teens. In general, Western teenagers tend to be more difficult to handle as they are often unwilling and negative about learning English. Chinese teens, on the other hand, are more willing to learn, however, their lack of life experience somehow makes it difficult for them to relate to different topics of conversation.

To be an effective ESL teacher to Chinese teenagers, it’s important that you understand what their needs are in terms of learning English. Here are some tips that will make your life easier as an English teacher:

Warm Them Up

It’s important that you start the class with an appropriate activity as this sets the tone for everything, and this is something all ESL teachers agree with according to many Birmy education group reviews. The objective of your activity is to get everyone speaking. To make the activity more interesting for your class, turn it into a friendly competition. Offer some sort of reward to those who will participate more actively.

Make Language Relatable

If you want your students to participate more in class, you should make an effort to make your topic more relatable to them. For instance, in your role-play, it’s not recommended that you teach them how to interview for a job because your students are only teenagers and they aren’t likely to apply for jobs anytime soon. Instead, give them a topic that’s relevant to their lives, such as sports, going to concerts, asking a girl for a date, and so on.

Add Some Humor

When a student is bored, there’s a greater chance that he or she will not pay attention to the teacher. Boring classes are difficult to handle for young students. Thus, you must find a way to make your English class fun and interesting, and you can do this by adding a bit of humor. Do not hesitate to crack jokes from time to time, but again, make sure your jokes are relatable.

Keep Students Motivated

Another vital tip you will find in most Birmy education reviews is the importance of keeping your young students motivated to learn the English language. Prepare group activities that will not be intimidating to those who lack confidence in their language skills. Making your students comfortable in class helps give them motivation to practice their English abilities.