Tips for Teaching Chinese Teenagers Effectively

Tips for Teaching Chinese Teenagers Effectively

Foreign teachers who come to China to teach English for the first time are often surprised at the difference between Chinese teenagers and those in the West. If you ask an American teacher at Birmy International English School, for example, he or she would not hesitate to say that teenage students back home tend to be negative and less enthusiastic in class compared to their Chinese counterparts. This, of course, doesn’t mean that teaching English to Chinese learners comes with no challenges at all.

For teachers to be effective in teaching their Chinese students, it is important that they understand their Chinese students, particularly what they want to achieve. As written in any positive Birmy School review, teachers in this private language school are encouraged to know their students well first so they may determine what teaching style would work for them.

Here are some tips for teaching Chinese teenagers:

Warm them up.

Start the class with a suitable activity that will set the tone for the entire class. Ideally, you should start with an activity that will get everyone to speak. For example, you may ask how your students spent their weekend. This way, your students will be required to say something other than a yes or a no.

Make language relatable.

It would be tempting to teach your students how to interview for a job, but you also have to think if this is going to be something they are interested in. Take note that students need to be enthusiastic about their class so that learning could be easier. And one way to do this is by making the topic more relatable to them. You could ask them, for instance, about their hobbies, what they think of the internet, what cell phone apps they like most, and so on.

Do not forget to use humor.

Teenagers are known to have a shorter attention span, so it’s important for teachers to keep them focused in class. One way of doing this is by incorporating humor and even personalization. You could change nouns with something your students will laugh at. Also, use phrases that they can relate to.

Motivate them.

One of the main reasons why students hardly participate in class is their lack of self confidence. Of course, they have to speak a foreign language that they are not used to. What you can do is have them work in pairs or small groups first before you ask them to speak before the entire class. This way, they will be able to build their confidence first before they face a bigger crowd.

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