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What an ESL Teacher Should Do to Promote Student Success at Birmy English School

Teachers in different ESL schools like Birmy International English School all face the same challenge – how to encourage and motivate learners to develop their own techniques for learning a new language. When you teach English in China, you’ll discover that it’s not very easy for Chinese students to acquire skills in speaking English. Thus, it’s vital that you be creative and inspiring so that your students will be more enthusiastic in practicing English.

Read on to learn some useful techniques for creating a learning environment for your students:

  1. Do role playing activities.

Role playing and other communication games are very helpful for students, especially those who are too shy to speak up in class. By encouraging your students to do role-plays, they will be less hesitant to participate in class, and they will also be able to have fun in your class.

  1. Encourage students to collaborate through group work.

When students are made to work with their classmates, they are likely to be more willing to talk and interact with other students. Group work also makes students think creatively.

  1. Do not be too strict and be sure to laugh with your students.

Laughing is a very effective way to lower inhibitions. When a teacher keeps smiling and is having fun with his or her students, students easily become comfortable and open to learning. They don’t get too scared to make mistakes, which is important for them to practice their English. Teachers at Birmy English School always make sure that their students are comfortable and they do this by becoming more approachable and friendly to their students.

  1. Let your students know how rewarding it is to learn English.

English is not an easy language to learn. And so, a student has to have a really good reason to learn for him or her to take their ESL class seriously. When you remind your students about the benefits of learning English, try to say something that’s really motivating. Refrain from mentioning the importance of passing an English test. Instead, tell your students how their ability in English can help them enjoy traveling abroad, watching Hollywood movies, or listening to English songs. All this will give students the desire to be familiar and fluent in the English language.

  1. Avoid correcting every single mistake.

Many students choose not to participate in class because they are worried their answers or opinions are wrong, which can easily embarrass them. As a teacher, you have to be sensitive to the feelings of your students as well. Do not keep correcting their mistakes, especially if the mistakes are trivial ones. ESL teachers at Birmy English believe that building a student’s confidence is key to maximizing their potential to learn the English language.