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What Are the Basic Requirements to Teach at Birmy English School in China?

While it is true that there are so many job opportunities for ESL teachers in China, not everyone who can speak in English is qualified for such jobs. As with any other job in other industries, there are minimum qualifications a job seeker has to meet to be considered for the position. If you are looking to work at one of the most prestigious language schools in China – Birmy English School – these are the qualifications you should meet:

A Bachelor’s Degree

A Bachelor’s degree is equivalent to a 4-year degree in Canada and the US, and a 3-year degree in Australia and the UK. If you have a graduate degree, more opportunities might open up for you, but it should be TEFL or any education related degree.

In China, teachers with several years of teaching experience along with a bachelor’s degree are highly sought after. At Birmy English School, you may even be considered for a management position if you have a graduate degree in TEFL.

A Teaching License from Home Country or 120-Hour TEFL

You need a TEFL certificate if you want to qualify for a teaching job in China. It doesn’t matter whether you take a course in class or online. What language schools like Birmy English School are looking for is your understanding of the theories of teaching ESL. Especially if you are to apply for a job at a government school or office, you will be required to take a 120 hour TEFL course. Keep in mind that teaching English in a foreign classroom is totally different from teaching English to native speakers. Thus, this requirement is essential and beneficial for you as well.

Teaching Experience

Many bachelor’s degree holders apply for ESL teaching jobs in China even without any teaching experience. Well, the good thing is that language schools in China are open to hiring inexperienced teachers who have proper certifications. What these teachers do in order to compensate for their lack of actual experience is to take training programs offered in the school where they teach.

At Birmy English School, developing the skills of their teachers is a priority. Thus, they offer training programs and short courses to those teachers who need more experience in holding actual English classes.

Positive and Energetic Personality

Teaching abroad is never without any challenges. If you choose to work as an ESL teacher in China, particularly at Birmy English School, you need to be prepared to live a different way of life. Culture shock is unavoidable, but there are things you can do to prepare for it. You may also feel homesick, and it could take time before you get used to Chinese food. Thus, you have to have a positive outlook and an energetic personality if you want to have a successful teaching career in China.