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What Are the Less Known Benefits of Working at Birmy International English School in China?

Working as English teachers abroad, like in Birmy International English school, is a growing trend among young fellows from Western countries. And why not? Being an ESL teacher abroad is not only financially rewarding, but it also offers a lot of great opportunities to travel and explore the world. When you teach in China, you can also learn a lot about the rich history and culture of this powerful country.

But aside from the obvious benefits of working in China as an English teacher, there are other hidden benefits to pursuing this career. Below are some of them:

  • The training you need to undergo is going to be painless.

To become an ESL teacher abroad, you need to obtain a TESL certificate to make you qualified for the job. Don’t be intimidated with this requirement because you can get such a certification through a 100 hour course. Many institutes offer this course, and there are online courses you can take as well. At Birmy, Birmy head office is even willing to help you get certified as soon as you arrive in China.

  • You will be regarded with respect.

Even if you do not have an education degree, you can be an ESL teacher abroad as long as you get certified to teach ESL. What may surprise you also is the kind of treatment you will receive from your school and your students as well. English teachers in China are well respected, and this feeling is something you can enjoy even if you’re not a teacher by profession.

  • You can build a network of local acquaintances.

It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching at a public school or in a private language school, you will be working alongside native Chinese teachers. This means that you have an opportunity to make friends with the locals. This is going to be beneficial for you not only while you’re in China, but even when you go back to your own country. Networking is very important for professionals, especially if you’re considering returning to China to explore another career.

  • Working overseas is an excellent resume booster.

Even if your stint in China consists of singing nursery rhymes or animal guessing games, your experience as an ESL teacher abroad can help make your resume look better. Many former teachers in China express in various Birmy education group reviews how their overseas employment has helped them land the job they like back home. No matter what job you wish to pursue in the future, the fact that you have been employed overseas is something that potential employers will appreciate.

These are just some of the less known benefits of working as an ESL teacher in China. If you want to know more about the experiences of former and present teachers at Birmy, go and look for some Birmy education reviews online.