Birmy English

What Makes Birmy International English School the Best Choice?

I applied to teach with Birmy International English school in China in August 2012. I had been searching for teaching jobs for ESL students in Korea when a sidebar ad got my attention. It was an ad that advertised teaching opportunities in China, particularly in Birmy English.

I immediately checked the website of Birmy International English school, and to be honest, I was easily impressed. Compared to other ESL job postings on the internet, I could say that Birmy’s website was very informative, well organized, and professional-looking. It contained specific details that made it clear to me what I needed to do to apply, what the working conditions will be with them, what I could expect upon my arrival in China, and so on.

It took about two days after I submitted my application before I finally heard from the Birmy head office. To my surprise, I was told that a job was already waiting for me at their branch in Xiamen. I was apprehensive about accepting the offer at first, because it was just too good to be true. But then again, it was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.

How was my experience working for Birmy International English?

If I were to give an honest answer to this question, I wouldn’t say that my experience with Birmy was not without troubles. But this should not discourage anyone from trying to work in this organization because once you have decided to live and work abroad, you should be ready to make lots of adjustments. I am confident to say also that my good experiences in China far outweigh the negative ones.

What I read from Birmy education group reviews was true. Many former teachers at Birmy are all praises with the way the school pays their teachers. In my case, I was happy that Birmy always made it a point to deposit my salary on time. Unlike in other English schools in China where teachers are either paid late, or not at all, Birmy gives priority to compensating their teachers fairly and always on time.

You might be wondering where foreign teachers at Birmy are housed. Well, this is actually one of the best things about Birmy. They actually make sure that their teachers have a comfortable living condition once they get there. In my cases, I was brought immediately to an apartment just a few blocks from the school, where I shared a room with a fellow American teacher. The place was decent and safe, and it made me feel very comfortable.

All in all, my experience in working at Birmy is consistent with most of the positive Birmy education reviews you will read online. If you are planning to teach English in China, choosing to work at Birmy English is a decision you will never regret.