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What to Do on Your First Day at Birmy International English School

On your first day as an ESL teacher at Birmy International English School in China, you should remember that first impressions matter so much in the classroom. It is actually on the first day of class that students determine how they are going to interact with their teacher and how they will behave inside the classroom for the rest of the school year.

Take note, however, that you shouldn’t be too lenient nor too strict. You have to avoid becoming friends with your students if you want to make it clear to them who’s in control of the class.

The Importance of Staying in Control

One undesirable thing that happens when teachers and students become “too” close is that students tend to forget to teach their teacher with respect. As a result, classroom behavior and management eventually deteriorate. When this happens, it becomes very difficult for a teacher to take back the control because his or her students are not likely to take him/her seriously.

When you work in Birmy International English School, remember that the first day of class is the best time for you to introduce classroom rules, procedures, rewards, and even consequences. This is also when you should explain to your students about the syllabus, objectives, and grading policy.

By making sure your students understand all these things, you are allowing them to come prepared to class because they know what to expect in the classroom. This will also encourage them to participate in discussions, ask questions, and communicate in English.

Encouraging Group Participation

Teachers at Birmy English School are constantly reminded that they should repeatedly encourage group participation in their class. To do this, teachers often have a rewards system during the semester, which is based on the participation score of the whole class.

When students are told about the rewards to be given for the participation of everyone, they are likely to behave positively in class. This will also encourage them to help their classmates who are misbehaving in class.

What to do on your first day of class?

If it’s your first time to teach an ESL class, there’s no doubt that you’ll be nervous and unsure about what to expect. You won’t know how your students will welcome you, or what challenges will come your way. However, all these things should not cause you to panic. There’s no reason to be anxious because all you need is to be mentally prepared.

At Birmy English School, new teachers undergo orientation so they could be given tips on how to handle their classes. To have a successful first day of school, be sure to explain to your students what you’re expecting from them, and what they can expect from your class as well. This will help them feel comfortable with you, and this can also give you total control of your class.