What You Want to Know about Living and Teaching English in China

Birmy International English School is currently in search for teachers of English as a second language or ESL. Foreign teachers can not only get generous wages, but can also gain amazing experiences by living in a country with a fascinating culture and rich history.

Living in China

China has vast history that encompasses a variety of historical elements. When you stay in China, there is no way you should not be able to visit the Great Wall of China. Aside from the Great Wall, there are many other historical landmarks that will be calling your attention, for sure.

What to Do in Beijing

Beijing has a population of 12 million people, so you can expect to be able to do almost everything in Beijing! If you have to live in such a huge urban area, you may feel overwhelmed. That’s why it is important for foreign teachers to make friends with other teachers whom they can explore the city with.

One of the best places to visit in Beijing is the Summer Palace. It was declared by UNESCO as a ‘masterpiece of Chinese landscape and garden design’. You will be amazed by the huge variety of gardens, palaces, and other classic structures that symbolize ancient Chinese architecture.

Teaching English in China

Those who are interesting in teaching English will find a lot of great opportunities in China. With China becoming a global financial and economic force, it is easily understandable why the Chinese people are serious about learning English. As a matter of fact, it is one of the main priorities of the Chinese government to improve English competency among its citizens.

Typically, English teachers teach at private language schools, such as Birmy English, public schools, or private international schools. Teachers who take on these teaching jobs can receive a competitive salary and a number of other benefits depending on the type of school they are employed in. Take note that salaries in China are lower compared to other parts of Asia. However, China also has among the lowest living expenses, so teachers can still save a huge portion of their salary in this country.

How to Become an ESL Teacher in China

With the continuously growing demand for English teachers in China, you won’t have so much trouble looking for a place in China where you can get employment. If you want to work at a reputable private English school, then Birmy English  academy should be your destination.

Birmy International English School prides itself for being one of the teacher-friendliest schools in China. At Birmy, you will be assisted with all your needs, such as visa processing, TEFL certification, as well as your daily living needs. When it comes to compensation, Birmy School review offers one of the best compensation packages to their employees. Check out www.birmyedu.com/ to know how you can apply.