Birmy International English School

Why Birmy International English School Is the Best Place for You in China

Ever since I posted in my social media accounts my travel photos in China, I have been receiving a lot of queries about my experience in this country. I feel that it’s not the fact that I am travelling in China that has caught the attention of many people, but the fact that I am an English teacher at one of the most prestigious language schools in China – Birmy International English School.

Without a doubt, there are thousands of native English speakers around the world who are genuinely interested in getting a teaching job in China, but they don’t have a clear idea of how they can find a job here and what the employment conditions here are. That is the reason why I am writing this review of Birmy English school. I would love to share with you how I ended up here and what makes Birmy an excellent destination for foreign teachers.

How did I know about Birmy?

Prior to coming to China, I had been teaching high school students at a public school in Tampa, Florida. It has always been my passion to teach children, so I got a teaching degree and applied for a teaching job as soon as I graduated from college. I never thought about the possibility of teaching overseas until a former co-teacher of mine told me about her teaching experience in China.

She worked in Beijing for two years, and she had nothing but good words about the students and the school she worked for. When I heard her story, I got so excited about it that I immediately surfed the internet for teaching jobs in China. I then noticed the name Birmy International English School in several forums, so I checked out their website.

How did I apply for a job?

I looked around Birmy’s website and I was easily impressed. I then sent them an email to express my interest in working for them as an English teacher. I received a response the following day asking me to send through my resume and other pertinent documents. I immediately complied with their requirements and in less than a week, I got the teaching job!

How is my experience teaching ESL at Birmy?

As a first-timer, I actually had no expectations at all. Upon arriving at the airport, a staff at Birmy picked me up and took me to a police station to register. I was then given a brief orientation about the school, its students, and what they were expecting from me. I also had no problems with my visa and accommodation as Birmy arranged for everything for me even before I came to China.

For those who are seriously considering working as an English teacher in China, I would highly recommend Birmy International English School!