Birmy International English School

Why I Would Recommend Birmy International English School to Any Foreign Teacher?

The job market for English teachers is undoubtedly huge in China, and many foreign teachers are taking advantage of this. Every single teacher comes to this country with the hopes of finding a decent employer who will treat them fairly and professionally. Unfortunately, although there are so many job ads online for native English speakers, not all of them are being true to what they say and promise to prospective English teachers. In my case, I have been so lucky to have found a reputable school to work for – Birmy International English School.

As I said earlier, searching for an employment opportunity in China is easy because of the huge demand for foreign teachers. However, you have to be very careful in trusting just anyone because many employers are just not committed to providing their teachers with the best employment packages and living conditions. As someone who has been working in China for the past 2 years, I have some advice for you on how you should choose an English school to work for. These are my tips for you:

– Are they going to pay for your airfare going to China and return ticket? It is standard for Chinese schools to pay for the plane tickets of the foreign teachers they are hiring. In my case, Birmy English was the one who booked and paid for my ticket going to and from China.

– Where are you going to stay? As a foreign teacher in China, you are supposed to be provided with an apartment for free. If a school tells you that they will find an affordable house for you to stay in, consider this as a red flag. Luckily for me, just like what I read several times in any Birmy School review, this school offers free housing or accommodation to their foreign teachers.

– Are they going to arrange a Z visa for you? If you want to work legally in China, of course you need a Z visa. However, many schools would advise their foreign teachers to get a tourist L visa first, which should not be the case. When I made an agreement with Birmy English School that I would be working for them, they immediately processed my Z visa, which I actually got before I even flew to China.

– Will you be met by a Chinese colleague at the airport? Especially if it’s your first time to go to China, you would want someone to pick you up at the airport. However, not all schools do this for their foreign teachers. Well, one thing I like about Birmy English School is their genuine concern for their teachers. I was actually met by a Chinese staff at the airport and brought me straight to a police station to register.