Why Teach at Birmy International English School in China?

Teaching English in China can offer you not just a rewarding job, but an unforgettable experience as well. When you go to Birmy International English school, there are many great and rare opportunities that will be available to you. You can learn the Chinese language, meet fascinating people, experience the diverse culture of China, and travel this amazing country. More importantly, you will gain valuable teaching experience overseas in an institute that is committed to providing the best English training program to students.

There is nothing you should worry about when you work as a teacher at Birmy. The Birmy education group reviews  will make sure you have a stable job, safe environment, and reliable employment.

Teach English While Learning More about China

By teaching English in China, you will have a chance to interact with amazing people. You will get a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture, and you will have a better idea of how the Chinese people see the world.

At Birmy International English school, there is a wide range of students that you may encounter. You may be assigned to handle young kids, from at least 3 years old, teenagers, and adults. As a matter of fact, Birmy also accommodate clients who are executives at multinational companies and Chinese firms as well. Thus, when your resume goes through Birmy School review, you will be assessed to know if you are capable of teaching both young students and professionals.

Teaching English in a Friendly and Comfortable Environment

The moment you walk inside Birmy International English School, you will instantly realize why it is considered one of the best destinations for professional teachers from abroad. Birmy is committed to providing its international teachers a warm and welcoming environment to make sure they have a fantastic time in China. For students, it is Birmy’s priority to create an environment that is conducive to effective learning. You will see that international teachers, local staff, and students are relaxed and are simply having a great time.

Birmy also has classrooms that are customized for every student age group. Young students use classrooms that have colorful murals, smaller furniture, and heated flooring to ensure their comfort. On the other hand, adult classrooms have projectors and modern classroom desks. The entire facility also comes equipped with student lounges, computer labs, and a preparation area for teachers.

Why Teach at Birmy?

Birmy International English School offers one of the best employment packages for international teachers. They will assist you in whatever you need, even in the processing of your visa to legally work in China as an English teacher. All you need to do is send in your resume and application letter for a review, so you could know if you are qualified to be part of the growing Birmy school family!