Work at Birmy International English School and Fund Your Trip Across Asia

Living in China and getting a job as an ESL teacher at Birmy International English School will not just be an unforgettable adventure and an amazing cultural experience, but it can also become a great source of income for you. As a matter of fact, so many foreign teachers in China apply for ESL teaching jobs so that they can earn some money for their trips across Asia. So if you love traveling as well, going to China to teach English is a very good option for you.

Full-Time Teaching Job

The salary for ESL teachers in China may vary a lot, and may depend on your experience as a teacher, gender, references, location, and even nationality. Those who do not have a TEFL or TESOL certification, have little to no experience, and whose degree in university isn’t in the field of education actually get paid less.

In terms of gender, female teachers are likely to be paid more because they are considered more reliable and more patients with children. And for nationality, what really matters is that you are a Caucasian who speaks good English.

Another factor that may determine how much salary you can expect is the location of your school. Teachers in bigger cities receive bigger salaries compared to those who teach in small towns. You need to do some research before you decide where to teach in China.

Private Teaching

If you check out some Birmy education reviews, you will find there comments from teachers who also do some kind of private teaching. Aside from working in a language institute or a public school, you can have private English classes in your apartment. Many teachers do this, and they often use their weekends to hold such classes. This is another great opportunity for you to earn some extra income.

Summer and Winter Camps

Did you know that you can also work as a teacher in China during the summer and winter months? Summer and winter camps are very common all over China, and many ESL teachers take advantage of this opportunity to make some extra money. Take note, however, that the courses during this time are intensive. You will be working for 14 days straight, and you might be asked to have 4 to 5 classes a day. Although it may seem stressful, it is financially rewarding.


As long as you have the qualifications that ESL schools in China are looking for, there’s no reason why you will not be successful as a teacher in China. This experience is guaranteed to make you better not only as a professional, but as an individual as well. If you are ready to give it a try, contact Birmy head office for your application!